What I did today 26/05/2017

I have finally completed my project my West Ham fan magazine, “Hammers  Forever.”

I have uploaded it to my blog under the project category.

I hope you like it. I worked extremely hard on this project and now I will start my evaluation.


What I did today 25/05/2017

Today, I made some more of the final touches to my Project, getting it ready to upload the final version onto my blog.

I added an advertisement page, as well as a contents page, and at the bottom of each page I would have the date and the page number of that particular page in the footer.



What I did today 24/05/2017

Today, I did more work on my magazine article. I changed the colour scheme of the background from a hot pink colour to a more darker toned pink clarinet which represents West Ham moreCapture

And I also took pictures of my friend and my mum and myself in a West Ham shirt which I will put onto my magazine.


What I did today 23/05/2017

Today I did more work on my magazine article in terms of how  it looks and I made some dramatic changes. I created a border surrounding each page of the magazine with sides being blue and the top and bottom being yellow and the main page being pink. The reason for this was just to make the article look more attractive and appealing to look at.


In addition to this, I also made changes to my front cover and tried to make it stand out and more eye catching, so if a passer by saw it in a shop, it would attract them to go and look at it.

Capture 2

These are all the changes I have made so far and tomorrow I plan to take a picture of my friend in a West Ham shirt to add to my magazine.