Thaddeus O’Connor-Dunphie


I am not producing a documentary for my final project however I am doing a print based version meaning I will produce a magazine for my final project concentrating on the football team West Ham. This means that I don’t really need a script as I am just going to write up my magazine and paste it in but I can still plan the certain subjects of interest which I am going to write about.

The Olympics 2012

First of all I will start my magazine off by giving a background of the Olympics and the running track stadium which soon came to be West Ham’s football ground the London stadium.

West Ham

After my background of the Olympics I will then begin to talk about West Ham as a football club such as who they are when they was formed and history events about them.

The London Stadium

Then I will talk about the London stadium and the surroundings of it, the benefits of it and the drawbacks. And I can even see what West Hams think of their new ground and if it has affected their season in anyway and will it improve like the atmosphere around the ground.


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