Breaking news West Ham’s London Stadium gets raided by the metropolitan police…

I found a news article online about the London stadium and an event which occurred there on wednesday the 26th of April. This story was all over the news the following morning on Thursday. Reports began to emerge on Wednesday morning that the London stadium had been raided by the police and the reason for this is because it was an apparent investigation over income and tax and national insurance fraud at the club. My personal opinion is that West Ham is corrupt and a fraud and they deserved to be raided by the police if there is anything going on there which should not be happening.

However it was not only the Hammers who got raided because Newcastle United who had just secured a return to the Premier League on Monday night, were also targeted by the police and an arrest was made on the managing director  of the club Lee Charnley has been arrested. Although there was an arrest made at Newcastle there has been no reports of anyone at West ham being arrested as of yet anyway but it is not yet known meaning there could of been an arrest but not known to the public.

The source of where I found this article



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