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2 months ago
Starting to actually feel like West Hams New home now. Atmosphere is getting better during matches, unfortunately though still too many tourists around the stadium who only go to games for a day out! They do not belong here and we don’t want tourists coming who know hardly anything about West ham, I hope club changes this!
2 months ago
Home sweet home… although I loved the Boleyn, I must say this does feel like home.. the views from my seat were spectacular, the seats were easy to find and spacious too.. but the food is far too pricey
2 months ago
Extremely weird stadium! If you have seats on the upper tier, I’d advise you to bring viewing glasses. It’s very difficult to see anything.
On the lower stands you get a very nice view, so check your ticket!
                                                                                                                                                                    White Hart Lane 
Image result for tottenham
a month ago
Brilliant and Historic ground with all the expected amenities. New stadium on the way, already looking fantastic!! Never have Spurs looked so good – A home from home to see a team that has ALWAYS been in North London and has always been North London’s pride and joy bar none!! COYS!
a month ago
The facility itself is not conducive to large crowds moving quickly. Narrow halls and entry ways. But the vibe at the games is unparalleled. The acoustics of the stadium and good as well, quite loud.
3 months ago
As a Man City and Lincoln City fan, I have been to many “interesting grounds.” Out of all of them, White Hart Lane is probably one of the worst. It is a 30 min walk from the nearest tube, Seven Sisters. The buses are packed so I don’t bother. Upon arrival, you are searched constantly. The stewards are incredibly rude. The stadium itself is a dump. I gave it a 3/5 stars as the toilets are clean, the sausage rolls are good and there was a good atmosphere
                                                                                                                                                                    Emirates Stadium
Image result for arsenal
a month ago
Well obviously it’s a 5 star reviews for a 5 star team. Great day out for all the family.
I’m a wheelchair user and found the experience great, everyone was very helpful the staff couldn’t do enough to help.
a week ago
A fantastic stadium to a great footballing club. Tickets are on the expensive end but given the quality of football on display, it’s worth every penny. A Must visit.
a week ago
Great atmosphere and great seats 4 rows back from the pitch level with the 6 yard line and right beside the Arsenal supporters.
                                                                                                                                                                    Stamford Bridge
Image result for chelsea
3 months ago
Easy to access from the tube. High security around. Looks great. My grandad and I wanted to go get a drink in the pubs around the ground but none were open to away fans or you had to have a reservation. I was searched 4 times before getting into Stamford Bridge. No alcohol for away fans AT ALL. Nice clean facilities and Man City won 3-0! Sort this out Chelsea- not all away fans are hooligans. Craven Cottage puts you to Shame!
a week ago
Excellent stadium with great facilities the staff are lovely and the game atmosphere is intense plan your route home in advance as there as delays etc on trains after a game
3 months ago
Beautiful stadium with a great atmosphere. The Chelsea fans are quite friendly. I will certainly come back to watch more games. The stadium is also very well located and you can find it easily by bus or underground.

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