Richard’s Presentation

On Monday the 20th March the class was introduced to the new project which is the Layers of London. I found this presentation very interesting as I actually found out a lot about London which I did not know before even though I have been living here all of my life. So far ideas are flowing around my head as there is just so much in London it becomes extremely hard to choose and focus on one topic which is what we are required to do. In addition to this tomorrow on the 24th of March we will be paying a visit to the London Museum in Docklands, and this will have huge amounts of information about London so this will help us find out more about London and can possibly help us get a good idea of what we will focus our project on. In addition to this we will also be visiting a garden which is on top of a bridge above all these huge work buildings, it was amazing. This is to help us get a better understanding of what London is like and to hopefully help us chose a topic to focus on.


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