My final project idea so far…

I will be exploring London and visiting all of the various football stadiums which are located around London such as Chelsea, Tottenham, Crystal Palace, Watford, Arsenal, West Ham, Millwall, Charlton, Leyton Orient, Queens Park Rangers, Fulham and so much more. I will be taking pictures and photos of these stadiums and then I will write about them such as their history and what their fans think of the club. I hope to get much information and I hope to spread awareness to the rest of London about how important and historical same of these football clubs truly are. I will be doing all of this in a print based format meaning that I will do creative writing about all of this instead of filming, the reason for this is because I feel that I am better at writing than talking into a camera and filming myself. I have already been to most of these football stadiums as I have seen Everton my team play at most of these clubs, and I have seen Leyton Orient play as I used to have a season ticket for them when I was younger.

Image result for premier league london football clubs

In addition to all of this I have also been to the most famous stadium of London and all of England, Wembley. I went there to watch the FA cup semi final Everton vs Manchester United.




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